Beach essentials ☀️

Hello everybody !! We are almost in august ..a very hot and sunny month . So most of your days wil be spent at the beach. This post will hopefully tell u what to put in your beach bag. Lets get started:
First you should have a bb cream to protect your face from the sun .. I’m using here my bioderma one with SPF 50+

Then your wallet to have all your cards and money ..Mine is mickeal kors . Also a book to read while tanning, I chose mocking jay from the hunger games serie 😍

Of course a good oil to get that tan gurll … I advice u to buy this one and mix it with johnson baby oil (my trick😉)

If you are not a bookworm or u dont like reading then an ipod with your earphones is a must at the beach for relaxation 💆

Flipflops and a pair of sunglasses are highly important for a day at the beach .. Actually i dont wear sunnies bcz i have myopie , these are my mom’s ones.

Finally don’t forget your body lotion and hand cream for moisturising after long day in the sun . Btw the vaseline lotion smells like heaven soo recommend as well as the kenzo hand gel

Thats all .. Thank u for reading dont forget to see all my social media acc on contact me 💕💞



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