Favorites for the summer ☀️

Hello ladies !! I will share with you my favorites for the summer including accessories,nailpolishes ,makeup and clothes.
Lets start with those cute sandals for H&M. Super comfy and goes with everything.

Crop tops were so trendy this summer..They are easy to wear and style

I ve been lately crushing over pastels nail polish ,specially blue and pink

The Mini purse : first i was really afraid of getting it bcz its small and i’m no used to this , but i decided i should give them a try and i love them. It fits everything u want even if it is small

Now time for my makeup favs : Seventeen foundation, I could describe it in one word :amazing cover .Then this maybelline bold fushia lipstick perfect for the summer


Finally my accessories favs. I have been loving the gold ones .They add elegance to your outfit



Hope u like this post !! Let me know your favorite xoxo
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