Fall makeup essentials 🍂🍁🍃

Finally, Fall is heree. My favourite season. The nature become really beautiful, the cosy weather, the smell of the pumpkin,cinnamon and apples.
So i’m that kind of girl who likes to change her makeup essentials each season. I think each season has her own colours and trends.
Now since i’m always at school, I only wear makeup in the weekends. So i always have this kind of ” running late ” makeup, they are easy to wear and in the same time give this fall makeup look. Now lets get started:

1. Red matte lipstick:
Personnally, I don’t like to wear a very dark lipstick . I prefer to go with a matte one. And my fav colour for the fall is red.


2. Metallic & earthy tones eyeshadow:
I think these colours are the best for this warm weather.


3. Black eyeshadow:
Definitely a must have, to get that smokey look



4. Black eyeliner :
Since in summer we get sweaty and hot, we don’t wear a lot eyeliner . This time of the year is the best to bring on those lined eyes


5. Lip balm:
Don’t tell me i’m the only one who her lips gets dry when the weather starts to get warm ? So i always carry a lip balm with me


6. Good foundation:
U should switch ur bb cream to a good foundation because we don’t need anymore a sun protection.


7. Nail polishes :
And of course, u should change ur nail polish colours. The prefect colours for me are : cherry red , metallic purple , nude beige, dark purple

Thank u for reading 💐
And soon i will be posting my fall fashion essentials
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