Elie Saab : Genius

As the title said it , he is a genius. Elie saab is one of my fav designers not only lebanese. This man is the perfect meaning of creativity. Each collection is better than the last. When u look at these dresses, don’t you directly fall in love ? Don’t you??? He never fails to impress me. One of my wish, is to meet him ,attend his show and talk to him. “Dive into the deep blue” is a collection where elie saab changed a little bit his concept from the previous collection. He used new colours: popping orange and yellow, this beautiful sky blue and turquoise without forgetting the black and the white. Through he changed his inspiration, but we can always spot the femininity, elegance and glamour in his dresses. He adapts as well this 70 ‘s silhouette. He inserts different kinds of fabrics & prints. And the lighting at the catwalk really brightened up the show. Final two words to say : Chapeau bas 😍. Enjoy now my fav looks







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