All about the hair

Hello ladies, don’t we all want to have this healthy long hair? In this post, i will give you bunch of tips to preserve your hair, reduce hair loss and grow your hair faster.
1. Trimming your hair:
Every two months, trim 1/4 inch of your hair length. It helps to renovate the splits. Plus destroyed hair will stop getting longer.

2. Brushing your hair :
Never brush your hair when its wet. And if u insist , brush with a comb. Actually, it snaps a lot of hair that could be still growing. Try to brush your dry hair everyday for 1 or 2 mins only. Use your fingers to undo the tangles

3. Rubbing your hair :
Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel after shower. It leads to hair breakage .

4. Heat :
If you want healthy hair, you should decrease the use of heat: hair straighteners ,dryers or fasteners, hot curlers and chemical treatment. Actually, heat weakens hair proteins and leads to brittleness and fragility that causes hair loss.

5. Colouring your hair:
Its preferable to don’t dye your hair more often than 6- 8 weeks. Colouring your hair frequently can damage it.

6. No for elastics & clips:
Cut of using them because they lead to thinning & breakage. Try to tie your hair in a loose braid, bun or ponytail.

7. Washing your hair:
Don’t we all hate this oily hair ?? Thats why many people washes their hair every single day,which is not good. Personally, I wash it 3-4 times per week with warm water. In fact, washing your hair frequently will decreases the natural essentials oil that stimulate growth. Also hot water dries out the hair and makes it dry & brittle.

8. Take care of your hair while sleeping:
Yes, yes even when you are sleeping u can take care of your hair. First, tight your hair in a loose ponytail while sleeping. Use a silk pillow case, so it can be smooth on your hair, it can also help to prevent facial wrinkles.

9. Stress:
One of the main causes for hair loss. Try always to reduce stress by practicing yoga or meditation. It restores you hormonal balance as well. Fill your time with activities: go out, draw, dance,write or swim. Share your problems with someone you trust , it helps to reveal the stress. Finally, be surrounded by positive people to give you positive vibes

I hope this will help a little bit 🙏
Thank you for reading 💐🌸
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