Best food for your hair

Since I gave you some tips in the last post about taking care of your hair , i decided to continue this hair serie. The second post is going to be about food that should be found in your diet and can help your hair to grow and look healthy.
1. Salmon
Super rich in protein and vitamin D. Actually both are key to the strong hair. Beside this, we find a big quantity of omega -3 fatty acids. Your body can’t make those fatty acids & its really important for your hair growth: 3% of the hair shaft is make up of these. If salmon doesn’t thrill you, you can replace it by sardines,trout as well as avocado , pumpkin seeds.

2. Walnuts :
The only type of nuts that have an important amount of omega 3-fatty acids. It’s also rich in biotin and vitamin E to protect your cells. Since your hair rarely gets much shielding from the sun, this is especially great.

3. Oysters:
Oysters are rich in zinc, which will decreases from hair loss as well as a dry and flaky scalp. They can boast a good level of protein too, remember your is 97% protein. In fact, protein will let your body replace all the hairs that sherd everyday

4. Eggs:
A great source of protein. Eggs are also loaded with four minerals:zinc, iron, sulphur and selenium. Iron is especially important bcz it helps cells to carry oxygen to the hair follicles and a lack of iron is one of the roots causes of hair loss

5. Spinach :
Rich in iron, beta , carotene and vitamin c which will help keeping your hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating.

6. Lentils :
Great staple for vegans & vegeterian. They are rich in protein zinc and biotin and iron. Toss them into your soup or salad. You can go for soybeans and eddame if don’t like lentils.

7. Greek yoghurt :
Low fat option, high in protein, vitamin b5 and D. Multiple research links vitamin D and hair follicle healthy but its still ambiguous how it works. Eat greek yoghurt with fruit and oat .

8. Blueberries :
Exotic fruit rich in vitamin C . Vitamin C supports the blood vessels that feed the follicles. In low amount of C in your diet can lead you to hair breakage.

9. Poultry :
This everyday entree is extraordinary when it comes to protein, as well as hair-healthy zinc, iron, and B vitamins to keep strands strong and plentiful. Because hair is nearly all protein. Actually,foods rich in protein are literally giving you the building blocks for hair.

Thank u for reading ❤️💐
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  1. This is a great post, I never even thought about what I could add to my diet to improve my hair but now I have a few things to add to my grocery list 🙂 Thanks!


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