Sick Mood💊💉

Fall is here which means sickness is also here. Whenever u look around, u will see sick people and maybe u are one of them. Dont we all get bored and tired while we are sick at home ?.In today’s post, i will be giving you few ideas of what u can do when u are sick. Also how to take care of yourself and a very comfy look if u are obligated to go out
A. Activities:
The first thing u can do is to sleep. U should get some rest. U can also read a book or a magazine or maybe read my blog:fashionetpassion 😜. Listening to music is a good idea, it helps you to relax and have fun in the same time. If you are an artistic person, u can draw, paint or DIY some stuff. Try to make an easy recipe. Go on youtube and search for an easy nailart tutorial and paint your nails. There is an endless list of what you can when you are sick but the most important thing is to comfortable and not tired.

B.Taking Care of yourself:
1. Your Diet: When you are sick, u will get lazy so u need more energy. Thats why u should eat : Food that contains vitamin C like orange, kiwi, grapefruit… . U can eat dark choco yum yumm. Definitely, soups and teas are highly imp to your body to keep u warm .Stay hydrated and avoid dairy products that can coat the throat and make your stomach upset.


2.Medecine: Follow your doctor instructions. Take your medicine regularly, get some extra rest and follow all the medical advice . It will pay off in the long run

3. Hygiene: the most important thing when you have flu . First of all, use private things beside your family’s. Exemple: have your own tissue box,mug,towel,soap etc…. Have a bottle of alcohol to clean frequently the things around you so you wont transfer the flu to your family .

C. The Sick Look: now for the look, if someone went to visit u or you are obligated to go out and you are too lazy and in the same time u want to look presentable … I got your cover girl. For the hairstyles: got for a messy bun or high ponytail. For the outfit: pick your fav skater skirt with a thick jumper and your docs. For the makeup: use a white eyeliner to brighten your eyes bcz u may look sleepy, a little bit of concealer to hide the under eyes circles. Finally, a bright lipstick to make u look more fresh


Thank u for reading ❤️💐
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