Halloween nail tutorial 🎃👻

I am so sorry for not being so active , but school is always the prob. I know i am kinda late for this nail tutorial but I think we still celebrate halloween till next week. Today, i am introducing to u the first nail tutorial on fashionetpassion. I hope u enjoy it through it was so difficult to film it. Anw lets get started. U need: Black, white, dark purple, green , neon orange nail polishes. Now for the tools i used two kind of pin and insert them in the pen’s eraser and a toothpick

1. Start by painting ur nails as it shows the pic.

2. For the last finger, we are creating this simple design , using the purple, green and orange nail polish . Now if it seems difficult u can use some tape .

3. Take ” the thin pin “tool . Start dotting 3 dots from each colour on a white paper: purple,green & orange . Then, on your fourth finger,start dotting arbitrarily.



Now the fourth finger is done.

4. Now moving on to the third finger, we are going to take the ” thick pin” tool and create 2 big dots as if its the ghost’s eyes. Then another one in the middle for the mouth by using black nailpolish

5. I used a toothpick to draw a scary pumpkin. Actually, it looks messy but i like it because it gives this scary effect. But u can also u se a brush. Now its pretty self-explaining soo…

6. Finally , the last finger. I decided to create the scary eyes in the dark. Very very easy. Start by dotting two big white dots. Create two little black dots in the white ones and u are done with it ✌️

Now u can rock a very beautiful and easy halloween nails ✌️🎃👻


Thank u for reading ❤️💐
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