Recent Playlist 🎤

Hello!! I will show u guys today my recent playlist. Like who doesnt love music ? Its simply life . These songs I’ve been crushing over the past few weeks, I seriously advice to listen to them even if u don’t the singers or bands.
1. Thinking Out Loud : Ed Sheeran


Ed sheeran is one of my all time fav singers. I love his personnality, his spirit, his music,his feelings. The lyrics of each song is more beautiful than the other. His album ”X” was published in May and I cant stop listening to it. My favorite song was this one, u should listen to it if u didnt.

2.Oh Cecilia: The Vamps


I’m not a big fan but i like some of their songs. Their voices are really good😍. I think the song is perfect if u are in a mood of dancing. So Enjoy !!

3.Night Changes: One Direction


2 years ago, I was a huge directionner. Now, my obsession has decreased but I still do like them. I know that a lot of people hate them but seriously talking that this album is soo different, it’s more mature and this is the right word to describe it. Night changes is an amazing song from the album. Idk what I love about it but it’s Wowww. Trust mee

4. I Bet My Life : Imagine Dragons


My favorite bandd😍😍. I fell in love with this band since their single ” Demons “. They actually came to Lebanon at Jounieh anddd I watched them liveee. A33333 they were amazing truly amazing. Their performance is uncredible . Dan had an impossible energy on stage and I enjoyed each second of the concert. Now for this song its from their new album. Check it out wonderful lyrics 😍😍.

5.Blank Space: Taylor Swift


Taylurrrrrr. Actually my friend adviced me to listen to it and I’m addicted now. Special thanks to him. I think taylor’s new album is different and worth to listen. Download it and thank me later .

6. Let me be your Lover : Enrique ft Touma


Save the best for the last. Enrique was actually my first idol😍. And I knew anthony touma way before he participated to The Voice and became that famous. I supported him since the beginning because I love his voice. In addition, when i first knew about this duo , i freaked out bcz it’s going to be  perfection and they didnt disappoint me,so goodddd 😍😍.
Thank u for reading ❤️💐
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