Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty 💄

Since Christmas is around the corner and its time to go on a christmas gift shopping, I decided to do a holiday gift guide for you guys. This guide will give you examples of inexpensive gifts still beautiful. Firstofall , I am starting with the beauty gifts .
1. Christmas Nail polish set: you can never go wrong by giving a girl a nail polish set, since girls care so much about their nails.( definitely me) . Actually, I’m in love with christmas themed ones, they are really festive, so get more into the christmas spirit. Now if they don’t buy it as set, go and choose a gold and silver glitter, a nude one and of course red nail polish . Its a cute and inexpensive gift for a friend.
2. Perfume by Dior: Personally, I love perfumes and I am sure that people thinks that its a great gift idea. But the problem is that is expensive and cheap perfumes are not so good. For me, you can be a perfume with reasonable price. I chose” J’adore “by Dior. I got this one recently and I’ve been using it for more than 1 year: its my ultimate favourite perfume. Plus, it is not that expensive. Now, if you want cheaper ones, for Ralph Lauren’s or Kenzo’s perfumes
3. Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline: A makeup freak would die for a present like this one. The Maybelline “Nudes” palette is one of the best palette right now : The shades are amazing and to die for . Still not sure if its available in Lebanon, if you know make sure to tell me cause i need to buy it. Still not an expensive palette.
4. Red Lipstick by M.A.C : With all christmas spirit around, a red lipstick is a must. A lipstick by itself is an amazing gift, how if it was a M.A.C one? Through, it is a tiny expensive but its worth for.
5. Makeup bag By Ted Baker:These bags I’ve been crushing over lately. They are the most gorgeous and classy makeupbags. So it’s definitely a great gift.
6.Body Lotion by The Body Shop: I don’t think there is a girl who dislike skin products. Everybody seeks for a perfect glowing skin. So i got your cover: body lotion christmas set by The Body Shop, one of the best store for this kind of products. This set smells christmas, imagine how awesome it is !!
Thank u for reading ❤️
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