My skin products 👩

In the fall/winter season, we all know that is the time when our skin start to be mad a little bit. So it gets dry , it looses the tan without forgetting the acne that start spreading all over your face. As we don’t want to look awful, we should choose some skin products that can solve all our skin terrible problems. So here are my skin products and how do I use them :

1.Vaseline: Total moisture
How can I describe this amazing product??? First, it smells like heaven Cocoa 😍. A very rich lotion, keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

2. Clean&Clear: Cream Cleanser
I’m not the only one who hate acne ?? Seriously, I have some few acne on my forehead that drives me crazy. The best product I’ve used for acne. It removes dirt, helps to prevent spots and breakouts with daily dose. It keeps your skin fresh and clean.
3. L’eau par Kenzo : body gel
I got this with my perfume. So it smells really good. I use it when I want my hands to smells good and stay moisturise. A good item to keep in your bag

4. Garnier : daily moisturiser
I use this product for fairness, because when i lose my tan , my face looks multicolour. So to have this one coloured face, i use this baby .it also prevents dark spots

5. Nivea : soft cream
Another moisturising product. I use it for my face and it keeps it moisturise for all day long . Soo good for my dried elbows and knees. Rich in vitamin E and jojoba oil

6. Clipp: hand cream
Who doesn’t agree that this babe is the best product for dried hands? My hands gets dry and chapped in the winter season, so Clipp is the solution

7. Labello : lip butter
Definitely, a must for this time of the year. Chapped lips are horrible and this item is the best lip product i have ever used .

IMG_0109.JPGThank u for reading ❤️
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