DIY : Christmas Decor🎅🎄

IMG_0203.JPGAs I promised on Instagram last week , that i will be showing you guys some cute christmas diy decor. These diy include ornaments, room decoration or table setup. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Growing up, I realised that my parents are from different religions. I have to admit that It was really confusing sometimes and also I felt unlucky because I was born in such a case, u know the family problems… After that, I realised how much I am lucky and I am so thankful for this blessing that God gave it to me : We actually celebrate all kind of celebrations, I give my ultimate respect & love to all religions and also I can easily marry from another religions. Can we just start become mature and stop all these discrimination and start by respecting each other. Now Let’s start with the DIYs :
1. 3D shadow box:

I’m in love with this DIY. Its soo easy. All you need is a 3D box,some paint , any christmas thing you would like to fill the box with. U can go creative with this u can maybe write on it something related to christmas like : Merry christmas, FaLaLa, Jingle all the way etc …
2.Snowman Ornament:


This is the cutest thing ever. What you have to do is : on an aluminium paper, start glueing while forming a circle. Place the nose , eyes and the mouth . Finally when its completely dry , cut the piece of aluminium and put on your tree
3.Snowman Door:

Its a pretty self-explaining tutorial . U need “Papier paint” , red cartoon and a scarf . And Voilaa
4. The Can Snowman :

All you need is three different sizes.cans,whitespray ,buttons,ribbons,cartoon. Start off by spray painting the cans and glueing each one over the other. Than create your snowman.
5. Christmas Bottles :

<a href=”

Its perfect if its placed on your christmas table. Spray any wine, tequila, jar you have and put some fake flowers … And Voilàaa
6. Red ornaments :

U need to cut 5 piece of red cartoon:2 long ones, 2 medium and 1 small. Then place them in the order u are seeing in the pic. Join them all together while following the order . Take the edges all together and press them until u get this shape . Finally staple it and place it on your tree

And what’s Christmas without a beautiful christmas tree??😍🎄🎅

Thank u for reading ❤️
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