Holidah gift guide: Random🎁

Good morning!! We know we are all busy with the christmas preparations and gifts. So this holiday gift guide is for those people who is not into fashion and beauty, so here is what you can get for them:
1. Ipad Mini: who doesn’t want a new iPad on christmas ? Specially kids. It may be on a higher budget but definitely worth it.
2. Phone case: This gift could be for your secret santa . U can customise a phone case from any cellshop. Go creative with this one : there is lots of ideas u can print them on a phone case. Its pretty much affordable
3. Album & Headphones: for someone who’s into music , u can get him his favourite album and some funky cute headphones.
4. A book : Now moving to a bookworm person, the key is a book of course. I chose here a john green book. These option is great because u have plenty of books with affordable prices .

Hope u like this post👍
❤️Thank u for reading ❤️
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