Andddddd finally 2014 is done. I can’t believe its over, its gone with all her problems, bad stuffs, negative vibes. It was one of the worst year I lived. With all the bad, some good stuff happened also. Now for my 2014 resolutions, I accomplished few of them. Per exemple: one of my main goals for 2014 was creating a blog. Yes, fashionetpassion was born. I’m really proud of myself. Also, I wanted to see one of my favourite band/artist live in concert and I saw Imagine Dragons , a dream came true. I’m not going to talk alot about 2014, let’s plan for 2015 to be better. My first resolution is to keep on focusing on my blog, be more creative in my posts so my readers stay satisfied. Then, I should keep on studying of course because next year is going to be hard, i have official exams and i’m graduating. I want to be a great daughter and sister to my beloved brothers, yes i should make feel safe and proud of me always. I may sound cliche but losing weight is also one of my resolutions. But this time i’m serious, i will focus more on working out and eating healthy. I actually lost few kilos before the wedding so I think i will continue. Another goal to be achieved in 2015 is praying more: in 2014, i was really away from God and arrived to a point of losing faith. So i need to rebuild my faith and a strength relationship with God. And I should start learning how to draw fashion illustrations and try to create some designs. I really want to get involved from now in that major. Definitely, i should improve my style and my fashion culture. Make my makeup collection more bigger. Start working in summer and taking responsibility and many others. I really wanna wish u a happy new year, a year full of health, success , love and joy … LOVE U AND THANKS FOR EVERYTHING💐❤️😍💚


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