Winter trends ☔️👗

Good evening ladies!! We all know that time of the year when sales are up. And of course , we gonna run to get some pieces in a low price. But how to profit from this occasion and buy the right items ? In today’s post, I will discussing the winter trends. So you make sure you buy these must-haves.
1)XXL coat:
For this winter, a 3/4 length coat is a must. Back in time, this coat was supposed to be worn by by men, but the designers decided to give a more feminine look like Dior, Celine added elegant white buttons and defined waist while. Lanvin add it to a full black outfit

2)Pop of gold:
Gold took a spotlight across the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 runways. So don’t forget to add this colour into your closet. Feel the 80’s and hit the dance floor. This trend was seen at Chloe, a black velvet shirt with some metallic gold graphics, while Saint Laurent made up a gold jacket and added some black fur on the neck and pockets and finally Prada went for a simple gold jacket.

3)Military Khaki:
This colour graced the FW15 runways. Personally, I love this colour. Balmain, came up with a structured look, now for Calvin Klein went for a uniform of striker silhouettes and finally Isabel Marrant styled a high waisted military pants with a military printed shirt.

4)Capes :
Even if it’s scarlet like Gareth Pugh did or its printed by some fairytale symbols as we can see at Dolce and Gabbana or with a cocoon print, capes are must-have for this season.

5) Velvet Love :
Never used before this season. But for FW15 , u can involve this fabric into your wardrobe. Nina Ricci designed a 60’s inspired dress with a lace details on the arms while Tom Ford went for a pajama style suit and Chanel create a light shimmery piece with a defined waist

6) Roar :
The runways are roaring again with the leopard print. Celine went for a long sheer printed dress, then Giorgio Armani did it in B&W and finally Givenchy came up with a beautiful fur coat.

7)Tailoring :
Beside The XXL coat, this winter you are allowed to dress up these classic suits in a feminine way. This trend was seen a Hermes and Ralph Lauren.

8) Duevet Coat:
For this season, quilting is no longer just a feature on bags. worn as coat , a fashionable protection against cold and rainy days. Many people thinks that wearing this coat would made them look like a garbage bag but you styled them properly you will look fab . Trust me i own one and i cant stop wearing it .

10) Poncho:
Save the best for the last. Of course, you have seen how much this item had become imp and a must-have in your closet. How could be possible that a Blanket can add to your outfit a lot of elegance? Etro drapped them across the chest and back while Burberry wrapped shoulders up for a snug yet stylish topper and Cavalli presented a sophisticated monochrome look.

️Thank u for reading ❤️
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