Dali Cosmetics Review 💄

Hello ladies!! I had the chance to try few products from the Lebanese brand “Dali”. Personally, I love using lebanese products because we should. Dali is a brand i discovered last year and i fell in love with their products: good quality comparing to their very affordable prices, great for a go to makeup. Actually, before my blog i wasn’t interested so much in makeup, so now I trying to try out new stuffs and get my makeup collection bigger. Now lets get into our post. Don’t judge me , I’m new on reviewing products, so I may not be that specific.
1. Dali Matte Lipstick:



First,I chose a dark burgundy one ( number:147). I was really afraid of trying dark lipstick but I suddenly fall for this color, its super gorgeous. The next one is a nude lipstick ( number:148). As well as i have never tried a nude lipstick but its super perfect for a strong smokey eye look. Now for the texture, its amazing ,very creamy and soft. Super super pigmented. For the matte finish, I didn’t find it matte honestly. So I was kinda disappointed. Its not long-lasting, it stays for like 2 -3 hours only. And the most amazing part about it, it’s the price : these lipsticks are for 3,500 L.L only. Super cheap. All over, it is great according to the price.
2. Flawless concealer :

As it says: Flawless.Love love love it. First, its a liquid concealer so, its great for drawing highlights. It conceals under-eye circles perfectlyyyyy and when i say perfectly i mean but u need to put on two times. As for the blending, its awesome : easy to blend and soft. I don’t recommended for red spots, it doesnt give u high coverage . For the price , it costs: 6,000 L.L . All over, Great for under-eye circles.Oh!! And it smells great.
3. Eyebrow pencil :

First time trying an eyebrow pencil. I don’t know how to describe it 😂, but i think its good: it gives my eyebrow a nice shape without exaggerating. For the colour, i chose the dark brown to match my hair. For the brush its good but use your own one, its better. For the price, I personally forget. Sorry…
4. Bronzer and Compact Powder:

It gives a nice coverage and hides everything. I love it on my skin, so soft. Excuse this showing crescent 😂, but I’ve been using it none stop. For the shades, u can find a match to your skin. Use it with a fluffy brush .

I love mosaic bronzer. The mix of the colours is so lovely. I chose it in the shade ” peach “. Easy to blend and so pigmented. All over, it defines greatly your face
️Thank u for reading ❤️
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