DIY: Jewellery Holder👛

Hello!! Sorry guys for the lack of outfit posts but seriously the weather sucks. Its freezing and raining. Anyway, I’m doing recently some indoor posts😉. For today’s posts, we are going to see some DIY jewellery holder. We all know how hard it is to stay organised specially our accessories, they get messy so easily. That’s why I will be showing you 4 super easy cheap DIY.
Let’s start:
1. Bracelet Holder:

What you need : 1) A wine bottle // 2) Paint .
Only one step: Paint the bottle.

2. Necklace Holder:

What you need: 1) Shoe Box Cover // 2) Hook // 3) Paint
First, start covering your shoe box and designing it then paint the hooks.
After this, mark a circle to pinch it for the hook.

And all you have to do is to hang your necklaces.

3. Ring Holder:

What you need: 1) Old watch box // 2)Piece of fabric // 3) Sponge // 4) Cutter and a pen .
First, start separating the parts of the box.

Then, mark the size of the box and cut with a cutter.

Then draw three lines on the sponge and on the fabric

Cover the sponge with the fabric then place it in the box. And finally you can put your rings

4.Earrings Holder:

What you need: 1) Papers // 2) Pen
So simple. All you need is to draw some frames for the earrings.
Then, fold some centimetres and glue it on a rectangular piece of now you have it as a stand.

Andd hang on your earrings now 😉

️Thank u for reading ❤️
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