My Personal Diet Tips💪

As u may all noticed on Instagram that I lost few kilos before Christmas for my cousin’s wedding.Personally,I was so happy with this that’s why,after the holidays, I decided to get back on track. And I find it really helpful to show you guys the tips I followed to lose weight.

1) Water: Yes!! Let Water be your best friend. It is highly important to stay hydrated.You should drink eight cups per day which is equal to 2 liters.Several studies had shown that water really does help you lose weight by increasing the rate at which people burn calories  .


2)Green Tea: Another best friend. I always drink 2 to 3 cups per day. Personally, I replaced it my daily cup of coffee because: first, its much more healthier.Besides weight loss, green tea avoids flu, boosts memory and exercise endurance.In the same time, I decrease the amount of sugar i eat. 
3)Eat Well : This is the hardest part of diet. I know how much it is difficult to stop eating all those yummy stuff but nothing comes easily.If you are that kind of person who eats when she is bored(like me) then your solution is to fill your time. Like this, time will pass quickly and you wont get bored. Now, if you eat big portions then what you have to do is the following: Eat in a small plate, convince yourself that you are full and always get off the table hungry. Another thing to do is to change the quality of your food. Definitely, cut-off all kind of fast food, dessert and bread. These are the most fattening stuff.What I try to do is to eat more protein and salads and when I want to eat fast food, i try to make them healthier. For the dessert, I eat Stuff like : “Unica”, “Nouba” and dark chocolate.And if I was craving for a real fattening dessert, I eat small portions. Another thing you can do is to specify a ” cheat day”, like this when u want to cheat u will have to wait until that day.10933881_636559906450590_7498029538390047666_n10945718_636559823117265_5039366468596220890_n (1)4)Workout: I know that we all hate working out. For me it is super boring to go on treadmill and run  for 30 mins.What I do is doing something more like you can dance, play box, do some exercises with your friends or family like a challenge. But the most important is to shake your ass for only 30 mins daily. Don’t forget to listen to music while working out it helps you a lot. 10933881_636559853117262_5625791758302329225_n5) Motivation: This is highly important. Motivation gives you hope and remind you of your goal and to never quit.Print some quotes and hang it on your wall so you are always remind it. Follow some fitness account on instagram so you check some healthy recipes , workout ides and body inspiration.Another thing to do is to pick an item that doesn’t fit you anymore, so you will work more until it fits. Never think about having collarbones, thigh gaps and being skinny , think about losing fat to be fit and healthy.



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