Makeup Tips

I’m so excited guys to tell you that fashionetpassion is getting a new look: new themes, categories and posts ideas. Yes!! Some new collaboration is coming. Anyway, in today’s post, I will give different makeup tips to get this professional makeup look. Personally, I think makeup complete your look .It reflects your personality and since we don’t have to time to go to a makeup artist each we go out, that’s why I will be bringing to you the makeup artist tips.

1) Brushes: They are super important and make the look sounds more professional. Many makeup artists said that the quality of the brushes and products are equally important as the makeup skills. So make sure you buy a proper quality of brushes but that’s also doesn’t mean to spend a fortune on brushes. You should at least have the most basic brushes19cv5Xs3iSvcLyUHd8iiF91V

2) Contouring & Highlighting: As you probably noticed that this trend has been so popular lately. For the technique is easy: what you need to know is your face shape and when to highlight and where to contour. But the trick about is the blending. Many people are afraid to try it but trust once you apply it properly and nice you will love it. Actually, it makes people look different, defines your features and hides your imperfections. Per example: applying a bronzer around the outer edge of your prominent forehead will help by minimizing this area. In addition, contouring & highlighting can be done on budget, here’s what you need:aeafea24aef2d3ab87489e3493d03c637bea0ded3203f9a8d68940c6cb8c290c

3) Eye shadow Colors: when it comes to eye shadow colors, think opposite. Yes, choose the opposite color to your eye color; it helps them to stand out. So, here is a guide to know which eye shadow can enhance your eye color.MAkeup.jpg

4) Concealer: Not everyone use concealer but it is super important to hide all those dark circles, red spots and blemishes. The worst mistakes you should avoid while applying concealer: the right way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle and blend it. It’s called Hollywood Triangles’: Vshape from your outer to your inner corner. Never use your finger: When applying makeup, our hands touch a variety of other products, and when we finally get to our concealer, there might be remnants on your fingers, which can end up casting a shadow over your concealer. Save yourself the trouble and use a concealer brush for a flawless application. Choose the right shade: for dark circles go for a light liquid concealer. So choose wisely the texture and the quality.ff368f6b8dcc2c9be96d0199de93c5db

5) Angelina’s Lippies: Don’t we all want those full lips? Here is a tutorial how to get Angelina Jolie’s lips:5593def582bac44593abba4352da7032

Step1: Apply foundation to your entire lips. It helps you to realize where your lip lines actually are.

Step2: Apply white pencil in the middle of your lips.

Step3: Blend it nicely, apply some gloss and VOILAA.

6) Eyebrows: First thing to say, never tattoo your eyebrows even if it’s very light. Always keep it natural. Now when you are lining your eyebrows, never overdo it: Like seriously I look at these girls lining their eyebrows by making them super thick, it’s ugly people. Stop doing it. Eyebrow liners are made to fill in the blank spaces and to define them and give them a nice look. One more step, don’t choose a darker shade than your hair’s, always go for the same shade. Finally, always blend after applying eyebrow pencil or powder.

10-secrets-I-learned-at-makeup-artist-school-09I hope this helped you!!

Thank u for reading ❤️💐
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