Paris Couture Week

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Finally, the Paris couture week ended: it was outstanding. For the next season, it will be all about capes, pastels, midriffs, flowers everywhere, new creative patterns and fabrics.Here are my favorite collection,Let’s start:

1)Elie Saab:

As I’d like to call: The Genius. He never disappointed me.The livestream time was during my school time: So all day long, I was waiting impatiently to see what Saab had done. Each time, I say he reaches the pick but in every new collection he finds another pick to reach it, unbelievable. It was inspired by his past, back in the 60’s, dedicated to Beirut. This period for him was: golden age. I absolutely agree. A portrait of his parents when they were as young as Saab’s own children are now graced the first pages of the catalog; in it his mother wears a tulip-print dress that provided a template for new embroideries. Unexpected silhouettes were built with pockets. He rarely uses prints but sticks to simple dresses while adopting a solid color. All embroidered with a touch of elegance and feminine. Powder pink, timeless black and ethereal whites were used. I loved these flowing tiered gowns and the way to ostrich feather was added chicly.Here comes to the master piece of the show: who said the bride dress should be always white??? Elie Saab for this year decided to take to whole new level: again inspired by his mom’s dress, he made up a marvelous tulips embroidered dress!!!Chapeau bas!!


Their inspiration was The Russian’s Culture. There were leather flowers appliquéd to rough-hewn linen, naive needlepoint embroideries on long pinafores worn over smocked shirts, and a shearling vest decorated with leather paillettes.We have also see a pair of tulle gowns, one embroidered with rainbows and the other with clouds. A velvet dress in a luminous shade of light blue was really simple and beautiful. In addition, I loved the sheer all over the arms and neck. I also crushed over a red velvet dress with caftan shape and a strappy black velvet one with a bodice in the shape of wings:: So Elegant. Moving to the hairstyle, the models wore a flower crown over a side braided low bun. As for the makeup, it was supernatural.downloaddownload (8)download (2)download (3)download (1)


For the past years, Armani was influenced by Asia. And now he marked it by creating this collection that was all about occasion dressing. He was inspired by South Asia especially by Bamboo. And the reason behind it was conveying a message of delicacy and strength. Still, the proportions, the belts, the plissés, and the palette all sounded like Japan from the opening outfit: The bamboo print was everywhere and looked like it’s hand-painted as any Japanese scroll. We have also spotted the flowing gazar culottes bound with an obi belt with a silk gazar blazer. The green of its leaves provided much of the color scheme. I also loved the plissé jackets and pants:: It’s amazing. Finishing off by an organza gown in a drift of feathers, which was definitely a master piece.downloaddownload (2)download (1)KIM_1263



It was all about flowers: it actually took six months to make the 300 flowers that decorated the Chanel set. Karl Lagerfeld decided for this season to be about: the flat sock-booties, the bared midriffs, the slouchy skirts ending just below the knee, the huge hats or the puffy beanies:; Extraordinary. I also loved the black sheer dresses. The colors were really various::There was dark, pastels and bold colors. And I absolutely fell for the bride’s dress, outstanding (3) download (5) download (6) download (7)chanel-couture-spring2015-runway-73

The collection was stunning. Raff Simons decided to change a little bit the perception: He manipulated the time by recreating the past with a futurist touch. Simons created a sequined guipure lace shift with vinyl thigh boots. Then we saw a tiny sequined dress topped by a floor-length-coat. We also head back to the 50’s when we saw these lovely floral dresses with a definite waist. In addition, I feel in love with those pleated dresses and skirts embroidered in strips of colorful ribbon. There were plenty of bodysuits either in jacquard knit or tattoo-embroidered silk: it actually adds an irresistible effect. Finally, the hairstyle was so original: the way that this piece of plastic was added was so (9) download (1) download download (10) DIO_1086

5)Rami Kadi:

I’m so proud that Lebanese designers are always making it to the top. Another talented designer “Rami Kadi” launched his spring couture collection: All about psychedelic and holographic patterns with full-skirted Fifties silhouettes::Super amazing. The idea of creating an ostrich feather top is outstanding. Furthermore, he added metal threads to a basic so it may look more original.Through, he adopted only the colors of white and black, the collection was rami-kadi007


6)Stephane Rolland:
Rolland said: “Crepe is perfection. It flows on the body. It’s smooth as glass, and it’s very Cartesian,” And yes he is totally right. The collection was simple yet so beautiful. The voluminous dresses were extraordinary. I got my eyes over this black jumpsuit embellished on the shoulders. There was a white dress with wide back cape, another white dress with a twisted end and silver top. He involved the flower concept not by embroidering it, but by making the dress looking like a flower. As for the bride, it was super creative like it would never come to my mind that a bride dress could look like this. So he went for something unexpected. download s-rolland24 s-rolland25 s-rolland27

7)Giambattista Valli:

It was simply about: plenty of ruffles, embroidered flowers, voluminous dresses & skirts. It actually sings spring and summer. I really adore the pink pastel fur cape which was paired with a simple pink dress and those simple capes added to the short dresses. We don’t even need to talk about the collection, it actually speaks itselfdownload PicMonkey Collage _A2X0372 download (1)

8)Georges Hobeika:

Once again, a Lebanese designer was making us proud. From the dreamy capes to the powdery hues and finally those fairytale embroidered dresses, I can say he nailed it. These short dresses definite on the waist by a bow belt are stunning. The way the flowers were added is super chic. I also loved the embroidered pockets, Wow. Moving on to these dreamy capes, we can finally get that princess feeling. For the voluminous dresses, it was either the chest covered with lace, or a normal V cut or an off-shoulder cut: Amazing. My favorite pieces were the pink fluid dress: an embroidered pink top, definite on the waist with a silk flowing skirt: A fairytale pieces. All over it was (1) download (2) download download (4)


Like so many couturiers this season, Tamara Ralph decided to say it with flowers, again we spotted the fifties party dresses. Amazing flower embroidered dresses with lovely cuts. There were voluminous and simple dresses.  He added a dramatic silk cape to a white floral dress while he created an off-shoulder lace simple drees. The capes were stunning. For the bride, it was a weighty train laden with pearls, crystals and metallic threads: they always make it fabulous when it comes to the (2) download ralph-russo08 ralph-russo38

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