20 facts you don’t know about me


Hey Everyone !! What I’d like the most is to be close to my readers, so I decided to give 20 facts you don’t know about. Actually, I promise you that in my upcoming updates you will get to know more about my personal life and also about my thoughts and opinions. Now let’s get into the facts :

1) If you are following on Instagram you may got confused about my religion,actually my dad is muslim and my mum is christian. So I was born and raised to love all kind of religions,celebrate Christmas, Easter and Ramadan and read the bible and quran.Some people could find it confusing but I think that i’m lucky that I was born in such kind of family .

2) I have two brothers that I love them to death though they always get me on my nerves and I’m the eldest

3) I was born in 5/2/1998 which means the same birthday date of Cristiano Ronaldo which really means to me because I’ve been a Madrista since 2010 and I have never stopped supporting this team and don’t ever ask me why I love it ! What I know is that I grew up knowing that all the family were with Real Madrid .

4)I am attracted to boys with beards,tattoos and fit bodies.

5)I’m mentally married to Zayn Malik and you can notice how much I love him. I think he is super hot and beautiful.

6) Drawing takes a big part of my life and I discovered my talent 5 years ago,influenced by my uncle

7)FOOD,FOOD AND FOOD. I eat a lot  I mean it !!. But I’m trying now to stick to healthy food and lose some weight because I’m not really satisfied with my body.

8)I eat ice-cream 24/7 and through the 4 seasons. U can say I am addicted

9)I have a very weird tast in music:I listen to bands more than artists and obssesed with indie/alternative rock. I barely listen to arabic songs but I do like some artists per example: My day isn’t complete if I don’t listen to Fayrouz in the morning.I do also listen to some Opera and arabic oldies.

10)If i get 1$ for each time i tried a diet, I would have been a BILLIONAIRE, like seriously!!

11)I could spent hours working on a blog post without even complaining because this is the most thing I love to do

12) One of my main dreams is to become a very famous fashion blogger then designer.

13)Addicted to Youtube & Instagram. And I don’t watch T.V

14)My hair looks like curly fries: I have to admit that It’s really hard to deal with curly hair but I’m finally loving it like this.

15) I spread postive vibes everywhere and I’m sooooo postive: Through the past years, I used to be faithless and not thankful for anything and soo negative but now I love the way my spirit is changing.

16)One of my goals in life is to rose ‘s tattoo on my arm.

17)I’m too shy & less confident in front of strangers. I get nervous and don’t know what to say

18)I am ambitious and I work hard till I reach my target

19)I hate liars , criticism and racism

20) I love every single person that supported me and always give me good comments and feedback!

Thank u for reading ❤️💐
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  1. I think it’s so great that your family appreciates all religions. I had a hard time being raised strictly Christian because there are a lot of people in this faith that are totally ignorant to what others believe. It took me years to help my mother to understand both Christians and Muslims believe in the same God. Ugh. So props to you and your family for embracing both! I’m also really shy in front of people like you and since I’m older than you I think I’d be richer than you too if I had a $1 for every time I diet. My hubby calls me a “serial dieter” cause I come up with some other stupid way to restrict myself like every week. I’m starting to learn I may just have to eat “better…” booooo! Hehe 🙂


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