Elie Saab RTW FW15: Edgy & Feminine


I think you can notice how much I love Elie Saab, he is my role model.Personally, I wait impatiently for his shows because every time he suprises us with new designs and ideas. This time, Elie saab went completely different: he wanted women to look more fierce, strong and edgy. Since he is the genius, the dresses weren’t complete without his own touch :The gowns were the most perfect combination of edgy & feminine.He used darker colors like: burgundy, khaki, black , dark blue and grey.

So structure and gilded buttons were all key, a fur cape shaded from deep green to black was the masterpiece. Saab created as usual,new outstanding prints including a noisy kaleidoscopic tie-dye long dresses.Also the degrees of transparency and intricate cutouts were intense.Without forgetting, these super chic leather gloves and open toe boots for FW15Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+2xjw90pEdnkl Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+a1B4gW_F2hol Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+dZ2w-tiFxmyl Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+FpKNawFTaqtl Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+g5Lgp1pEj98l Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+ITkM5JIetq7l Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+mIEK-c1AP7ql Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+NeJD7H0o54wl Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+NKcUoF0BiBHl Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+Zryu5gt0J4Yl

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