Valentino RTW FW15: Hollywood meets Fashion


Here comes to my second favorite designer: Valentino. It’s impossible how much he respects the women with his designs!! The designers summed it up in a preview: “We think you should be free to be who you are.” This season, their collection touched on many of the things: a sense of dark, velvety, a whiff of the free-floating seventies, and an underlying suggestion of erotic strictness. On the runway, most of the collection was black and white. You have to use old-fashioned words to describe this: refined, exquisite, restrained, poised, and elegant. You can find parallels between the two-tone checkerboard and triangle patterns: the source of the bold stripes and geometric engineered into their opening looks.As usual a bohemian spirit dominated the show.The collection wasn’t excluded from colors. My favorite look was this galaxy inspired chiffon dress: absolutely gorgeous!! After all these outstanding designs, the finale show was rocked by my favorite actors:Ben stiler and Owen wilson  in Valentino’s embroidered suits .It was a way to introduce their new movie : Zoolander 2. Personally, I can wait what about you ?valentino-rtw-fw15-detail-01 valentino-rtw-fw15-detail-64 valentino-rtw-fw15-runway-62 valentino-rtw-fw15-runway-55 valentino-rtw-fw15-runway-16 valentino-rtw-fw15-runway-04 valentino-rtw-fw15-detail-137 valentino-rtw-fw15-runway-08 valentino-rtw-fw15-runway-73


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