In my spring mood


Hello Everyone!! I’m so excited to finally reveal one of my ultimate favorite photoshoots.  As u knew from the last post that I’m collaborating with Maria to come up with great pictures as well as she will be a great guest on FashionetPassion for more check here. Spring is coming up soon. Actually the weather is warm but we still have this cold wind which is really confusing. You don’t know how to pick your outfit. So this post is going to be a transition from winter to spring clothes. How? You will see…. Don’t we all used to wear these long knit dresses with thighs or leggings? Nowadays, I find it not so trendy or stylish. I picked this old sweater that I never throw and never wear (don’t ask me why haha).  So I decided to take this sweater into a whole level: Since the cropped sweater is a trendy, I folded my sweater into two. And I got a cropped one!! To make it look springier, I cut the sleeves. For the rest of my look: I paired this re-designed sweater with a navy pencil skirt. To create a nice contrast, I wore my burgundy heels.






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