Louis Vuitton RTW FW15: Futuristic For Fall


It’s been a year now since Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton debut.. For his first few outings at Vuitton, Ghesquière looked back in time to the 1970s to create a contemporary woman’s wardrobe. The fabulously furry brushed sheepskin coats opened the show. I was all about embracing the future. “The exploration went a bit further,” he said backstage.  On the runway, the pieces that channeled the future most brightly were the second-skin ribbed knits; with their cutouts above the bust and their fluted cuffs and hems. Metallics abounded. On a glinting dress with the puffed, mutton sleeves that were one of the show’s remarkable features…..There were other mini trunks in aluminum and copper and inside they were all equipped with storage space for iPads, chargers, and other modern-day necessities. We have seen more of leather details. The white shearling coats were finely combed into deep-pile puffballs, to the tiny chain belts, to the ribbed knits with their wavy edges, to the embroidered lace sleeved tops, to the A-line miniskirts with their subtle kinky zip-and-buckle fastenings. Again masculine pieces appeared in FW15: It was in the perfect tailoring of a plain pantsuit. And Nicolas Ghesquière did this for fall, with a super-desirable inventory of bags and low-heeled booties in the bargain.louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-runway-43 louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-details-06 louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-runway-23 louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-runway-01 louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-details-47 louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-runway-12 louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-details-60 louis-vuitton-rtw-fw15-runway-06


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