Easter/Spring Decor Ideas


Contribution by Sabina: Easter has landed and spring just sprung and who isn’t excited for that time of the year ? Personally,I wait impatiently for this period. Beside the religious part, it is the time to refill our souls with joy, happiness and positivism. So you should change exactly like the nature is changing. Now moving our to our subject: As you already know I will be a special guest on Fashionetpassion. I will be talking about everything concerning Decor. You may noticed from the title that in this post I will be giving you some easy decor ideas for spring or easter to decorate you houses.P.S : I found it really important to change your houses’ decor frequently, I helps you by changing your mood in a good way and adds positive vibes at home.Let’s start with the ideas:

1) Paper Egg Centerpiece:

Make yourself a too-cute Easter centerpiece for just pennies that kids and adults will adore. Simply cut out Easter egg shapes from construction paper, and decorate using ribbon, markers, and stickers. Hang the eggs from a collection of pussy willow branches held in a vase or bucket.102039261.jpg.rendition.largest

2) Yellow Daisy Candleholders

Place a rubber band around a votive holder and tuck in a bright marguerite daisy, then place in a small dish with water. March a line of these down the center of a table or place one at each setting for a fresh Easter decoration.101466780.jpg.rendition.largest

3) Egg Carton Bird Decorations

Adorn a pot of spring flowers with these oh-so-adorable birds made from recycled egg cartons and plastic eggs. Paint single egg-carton cups and wooden dowels with bright colors; let dry. Glue each dowel to the back of an eggcup, then glue a plastic egg into each one. Add a matching feather to the back of each bird, and paint a corner of the eggcup gold or yellow to give your bird a beak.102051377.jpg.rendition.largest

4) Springtime Door Decoration

Gather a bouquet of flowers — real or silk — into an umbrella for a door display full of country charm. Tie a ribbon around the umbrella to hold the bouquet in place, and add a few dyed, blown-out eggshells for extra Easter fun. If using real flowers, create a simple vase with water in a plastic resealable bag. Secure at the base of the flower stem with a rubber band.101518973.jpg.rendition.largest

 5) Easter Butterfly Tree

Inside or out, this tree signals that spring is in the air. Use twine to hang paper butterflies on branches — these are made from note cards, but you can also cut butterfly shapes out of cardstock. For dimension, outline edges of the cards with acrylic crafts paint. Insert branches into foam in a garden container. Silk flowers glued to some branches and moss topping the container finishes the look.101634580.jpg.rendition.largest

6) Tea Time Flower Display

Red tulips and white roses are awe-inspiring inside a stacked cup and kettle. Using two different colors adds interest, while the matching green dishes keep the display cohesive.101515412.jpg.rendition.largest

7) Flowers-&-Vegetables Display

Carrots and lettuce leaves arranged around the inside of the wide vases create a unique look. Keep the vegetables propped up by placing a smaller vase inside the larger one and laying the vegetables in between. Wrap string around the vases for a homespun accent. Place a decorative bird or bunny nearby to give the display an Easter touch.

101515420.jpg.rendition.largestI hope you enjoyed:)

Until next time… Sincerely, Sabina xoxo


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