Embrace your confidence

Believe yourself

This is the first kind of post, I am doing on FashionetPassion. I hope you enjoy these kind of post concerned about discussing several topics and revealing some of my daily confession. For the majority of my life, I have been suffering from lack of confidence. Living in a society that categorize SKINNY as perfect and BLONDE as pretty, affected on me and my whole life for the past years. Everyone kept on judging me by my size or my weight and forced me on losing weight.For the society, I was ugly , Yes because I wasnt skinny. So I started hating myself. When I look at the mirror wearing my clothes, I keep on telling myself you are awful. I cant tell you much it was depressing and how many night I cried alone. Briefly we can it destroyed my self confidence totally. 

That was in the past not anymore from now. Lots of things affected on me and changed my opinion about myself. Being more close from god gave me the strength to pass this terrible period. Knowing that we should love the way that god made us,( Oh! its an Ed Sheeran’s song ), we are beautiful just the way we are.I learned that I should not listen to all the negative comments . I won’t let them destroy me anymore. This is the true meaning of confidence .Now, I believe in my myself and I love myself as I am now. I believe in what I am doing right now and grateful that I didn’t reply to all who told me don’t do it. I know it’s not easy but step by step , you will build a strong & confident version of you.My main tips are :

1) Be Positive : Take everything in a positive way. When you are planning for something, don’t always expect negative things to happen. NO!. Do not be afraid to project your strengths and qualities to others.This encourage you more to believe in yourself .

2) Be Thankful for what you have: A lot people have a big lack of this. What ever God gave us is a blessing. Pray more, tit will give you strength trust me !! God always gives us more than what  we really deserved . Life is full of ups and downs and it’s normal. Being strong can let u pass though the problems easily. Some of you may ask for what I should be thankful ?? I am not pretty or rich or famous or bla bla bla …. Be thankful that you are eating because some people are starving in Africa !!, Be thankful that you have a family because some people stay for years finding their parents !! Be thankful that you are learning at school because some poor people dont know how to write their name !! Be thankful that you are in a good health because some people suffers from cancer….Trust me this will help to feel better, so you won’t feel negative anymore.

3)Identify your successes & insecurities: Everyone is good at something, Go  find it!! Work on it .Dream  of making it bigger and bigger. With a touch of confidence and believe and hard work, you will succeed. Now you are busy enough for complaining about your insecurities. Personally, I advice to work on changing these insecurities and set a goal to change them. You will do it.

Basically these are my main tips to be more confident and to believe in yourself. I have never written that much in my whole life, don’t ask me how I did it now  because I don’t even know.Maybe because I am being true not fake. Idk….

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post…. Stay tuned for more posts !!

SIncerely, Manale xoxo


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