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Music is the remedy for anything and your argument is negligible. I listen to music everywhere and any time. Every evening, coming  back home from school and after finishing my homework, I go on my laptop and start working while listening to music: the remedy to reveal all your day stress. What I’d like to do the most is to discover new bands, songs or artists. Also, I’d like to listen to some old songs that are always stuck in my memory. Personally, everything I love and I’m passionate about, I’d like to share it with you guys. So this post is dedicated to my March Jam, let’s go :

1) Machrou3 Leila:  Two years ago, I discovered this Lebanese rock & roll band through my cousin. I wasn’t really obsessed with them because it was really hard to find and download their songs. Anyway, this band is formed by five boys: Engineering’s students but they find themselves more into music.  Their music is very unique. They sing in Arabic but you can’t easily understand their words , so you should have the lyrics while listening to it. To find their songs, check YouTube & convert them. Now my favorite songs are: Fasateen, Imm el jacket, 3 minutes, Raksit Leila.Mashrou-Leila-Feature-Image

2) Kazem El Saher :  If  you ask anyone about how much Manale loves Kazem El saher, they won’t know how to describe this love. I’m not into Arabic music in general, but Kazem broke the rule. In  fact, I’m a very romantic & sensual and I like Arabic poetry especially Nizar Kabbani. You can say that this is the main reason of loving Kazem’s songs beside his amazing voice and emotion as well as his personality. A true gentleman.


3) Hiba Tawaji : She is a lebanese singer. I can hardly describe her talent and her voice.I have always been a fan to her work. Lately, she participated in The Voice France and she is killing it. She is in the Mika’s Team and now she got till the semi final. Like WHAT??? I’m so proud of her. Hopefully she will win.Her latest album was Ya Habibi ( My love) and you have to check it out. My favorite songs are : Ya Habibi, Yamamatoun and Rabi3 al 3arabi.


4) Anthony Touma : Another contestant in The Voice France. You dont even know how much I love him. I knew him way before he got famous. Most down to earth and talented singer I have ever seen. Beside his irresistible smile and eyes, I fall in love with his voice. He just launched his first album: Maintenant Cest L’heure. It’s in french though I love his voice way more in english. Anyway, my favorite song of this album was ” Sur ma Radio”. Must Check it.photo_1383844060


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