Pre & Post Workout Snacks


A fit body doesn’t come just from working out. It is said that a healthy body is made 70% in the kitchen and 30% in the gym. Working out but having a poor diet will not get you anywhere. Some people tend to work out and then go home and eat everything they find in the fridge or they go eating out and order fatty meals with empty calories. Moreover, some tend to have big meals and then go to the gym where they feel too bloated and tired which makes them lose the motivation to work out.Today I will be giving you a few ideas for some snacks and meals that you can have before and after a workout and that wouldn’t harm your diet or your performance at the gym.

  • Before a Workout:

1)Fruit and Nut Bar:This sweet-and-salty bar contains all what is needed for excellent performance at the gym. It contains the essential carbohydrates as well as good fats, and each bar contains about 4 to 5 grams of proteins and fiber. Grab this snack on the go and have it on your way to the gym.

Fruit and Nut Bar

2)Whole Wheat Toast with Banana and Cinnamon:This easy-to-make snack contains the nutrients that are essential for your body during a workout. This snack contains the good carbohydrates the body needs as well as potassium to keep potassium levels stable since potassium levels decrease in the body when we sweat. Cinnamon helps in keeping blood sugar stable.Banana and Cinnamon

3)Non-Fat Yogurt and Granola:Granola is one of my favorite foods. It is an excellent substitute to sugary cereals that pack unhealthy calories. Yogurt contains whey (fast-digesting protein) and casein( slow-digesting proteins). Granola adds that extra boost of carbohydrates needed for energy.Granola and Yogurt

  • After a Workout:

1)Egg Omelet and a Bowl of Fruits:Eggs contain leucine, an amino acid that triggers protein synthesis in muscles. Fruit can be a better alternative for chocolate or cookies or sugary bars since it contains a high water content, keeping us hydrated.I recommend an omelet made of 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites with a portion of fruit.Omelet and fruit

2)Grilled Chicken and Vegetables:If you are feeling hungry after your workout and you have a feeling that a small snack will not fulfill your energy needs, go for lean protein. The best low-fat lean is chicken. Its carbohydrate and protein content makes you feel full without feeling bloated. Add some vegetables to your meal to obtain a complete meal with all nutrients required for a healthy body.Grilled Chicken

 3)Chocolate Milk:This may sound weird to some of you, but chocolate milk has been discovered to be one of the best post-workout snacks. The macronutrients found in this drink aid in muscle recovery and can help in decreasing post-workout soreness. The water content in chocolate milk helps in regaining all body fluids lost in the body (in the form of sweat) during your workout.Chocolate Milk

I believe that the equation to a fit body is made of 3 factors: healthy eating, working out, and most importantly DETERMINATION. Set your goal and start working today. Your body will thank you later and you won’t regret it.


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