Flowy white dress

2015-04-02 04.17.56 1-1

Taken from the SS15 runway to our wardrobe, the white flowy dress is a must-have for this season. As you may have seen these dresses dominated the SS15 runway shows like Chloe and Valentino. It’s a perfect item to have in your closet to create such an amazing spring outfit. In fact, this white dress is so versatile and could be worn in 9479208 ways, like seriously. So, I’m sure during this season you will see me wearing it a lot. Today, I will give the first way of styling a white dress. First, I decided to go monochrome: I added this black jacket that I’ve loved; it’s tweeted with leather details. Also, I wore these masculine shoes.  When I first saw these shoes at ZARA, I fell in love like it’s so elegant and comfy at the same time. In fact, masculine shoes are so trendy. So make sure to get a pair. Since I love colors and I can’t stand a simple outfit without any touch of colors, I decided to wear my green bag to add a nice pop of colors. As you can see by just adding a colorful bag you can turn your outfit from a simple one to stylish one. Small things can do miracles.

Dress and Shoes: ZARA

2015-04-02 04.05.41 1-12015-04-02 04.18.01 1-1 2015-04-02 04.17.09 1-1 2015-04-02 04.16.55 1-1 2015-04-02 04.18.09 1-1 2015-04-02 04.18.26 1-1 2015-04-02 04.18.36 1-1 2015-04-02 04.19.23 1-1 2015-04-02 04.21.58 1-1 2015-04-02 04.18.19 1-1



  1. i love how you wear the white dress! the pop of green is beautiful, and i love your lipstick ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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