Makeup Organization Ideas


Contribution by Sabina Kondakji: Hello guys !! I hope you are all fine. Did you miss my Decor post? Well I do. This is time I’m back with a post about makeup storage. We all know that makeup mess we make everyday while doing our makeup. Having Organized makeup will help by reducing this mess.For today’s post, I will be giving you a bunch of easy DIY makeup organization that you must try. I hope it will help. Let’s start :

1)Makeup Brushes:
To keep makeup brushes looking pretty on your vanity, fill a mason jar with colorful stones before placing brushes upright.Another option is to store your brushes in an existing sunglass case. It cuts down on clutter and has the added bonus of protecting the brushes from outside dust.how_to_organize_makeup_brushes1

2)Eye shadows:

Eyeshadows are the hardest to organize, because different brands’ shadows come in different shapes, making stacking impossible. A beauty board is a great solution, because it allows you to keep everything lined up. To make one at home, take a metal sheet, wrap it in fabric, and then put it in a frame. Glue small magnets to the back of your products, then line along the board. You can then hang your beauty board on a wall or just have it lean against your mirror.how_to_organize_eyeshadow1

3)Nail Polishes: 
It’s true: We keep a polish in every color. The problem with having over 200 polishes, though, is there’s nowhere to keep them, and they can start looking cluttered very quickly. To keep them looking pretty, try using a jewelry box as storage. A clear glass one is optimal, so you can see each polish with ease.You can also use a large candy jar to keep all your polishes togetherhow_to_organize_nail_polish

When organizing your perfumes, you can keep the idea pretty basic, since perfume bottles are ornate enough on their own. A silver three-tiered spice rack is inexpensive and holds 12 bottles for those scent collectors out therehow_to_organize_perfume1.5)Lipsticks:

Lipstick/lipgloss-addicts,here is your solution. These magnetic pods adhere to any metal surface and contain those small items that are so easy to lose (including eyeliners). And when attached to a mirror, they make makeup look like it’s floating in space.how_to_organize_lipstick



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