The Five : the new arab boyband

Thefivelive5YAY!! We can say that it is official: The Arab world have got a new boyband. Bands are really few in the Arab world and the majority of them didn’t make it till the end: Some of them just broke. Others were boring and not talented so the public didn’t push them forward so they failed. Personally, I like to watch Talent shows and I always search for new arab talent to support them. If you are like me then you were probably watching X Factor Arabia on MBC.  X Factor is very famous talent show and many artists and bands came out from it James Arthur, Leona Lewis, One Direction, Little Mix etc.  This season from the X Factor while the elimination part to get the “4 chairs” level , an idea pop into Elissa’s mind ( a famous Lebanese singer and she is one the judges) and it was about joining five boys from different arab countries into one band. Let’s start from the beginning, That’s how the story begins :

Ahmed Hassan: He is a 22 years old Egyptian guy. He studied Business and Commerce at Helwan University in Egypt. Due to his ultimate love for Music, he decided to participate in the show. He sang “ Moghram” by Jad Nakhle. He blows out Elissa’s mind: She couldn’t hide how much she liked his voice and emotion. She added that he is one of the most handsome contestants she has ever seen in the show.

 Adil Echbiy is a 29 years old Morrocan guy. He studied Computer Science but works in Modeling in Dubai. In the audition , he sang “ Tamali Ma3ak” by Amr Diab.  He was singing with an extreme confidence and he was sure that the judges will give him a YES. And that’s what happened  Again Elissa (lol) was really impressed by his voice and his appearance.

Kazem Chamas is 19 years old Lebanese Guy. Freshly graduated from High School and not rolled in university, he auditioned in the X Factor to start his music career.  He told the judges that he got all what an X Factor needs but the show is way to developed all his talent. Ragheb alama told that you got the x factor and you look like a star.

 Mohammed Bouhezza known as BMD , 21 years old and Said ,19 years old are Basketball teammates from Algeria. BMD raps in three Languages and Said is a guitarist and sings in  English and Arabic.


They auditioned in the show as group. The judges loved them so much specially the rap part. As Usual, Elissa  couldn’t hide her hopeless crush she has on Said from the first time she saw him.

Said Karmouz

While the selection, the judges asked them to stay. So they joined them and proposed  their opinion: They taught that this group has the xfactor and each one of them complete the other. They gave them 5 mins to think either they accept or leave. ANNDD THEY ACCEPTED.

When they proposed the idea on them

The next step now is : ” 4 Chairs” . Their first performance was brilliant : they sang ” Ahla Haga Fiki ” by Mohammed Hamaki  and the judges were amazed by their performance. Elissa affirmed that the best thing they did as judges was joining them in one band.She also added that the best thing to her as a women is to see handsome and cute guys on stage. Ragheb acclaimed that he is so happy about creating this band. Since it is great to see guys from different arab countries united and so close to each others. Donia loved them so much and told them that they definitely have a chair in her team .
Live after Live, The Five are proving for the judges how right was their decision: We can easily spot their improvement in each performance. They have thousand and thousand of fans now ( I’m the first one lol) .We cant even count their fanpages on instagram. Their videos have now more than 2 millions viewers. Personally, what makes them special is each one of them: Kazem represents this strong lebanese voice. Adil and Ahmed shows extreme emotion while singing. BMD sets the stage on fire when he raps. Said no word can describe how amazing his voice is. In addition, we can feel the chemistry among them on stage.They are a source of energy and positive vibes. I feel happy when I watch their performance. I really hope they win the xfactor!!

Live 3: Shoft b 3inaya by Hossam Habib

Live 4: C’est la vie- Cheb Khaled

Live 4 : Medley

Live 1: Enty Baghya Wahed- Saad Lmajjared

Live 5: Khalini Ma3ak – Ramy Aayash

Live 6: Wahda Wahda – Mohammed Hamaki

Best Performance for Live 5

So Make sure to watch them on XFactor each Saturday at 9 pm on MBC 4.

And if you want to watch their previous performances, search on Youtube : Mbcthexfactor .

Follow them on Instagram for more updates: @ahmedhassanstar // @saidkarmouz // @adilechb // @kazem_chamas_official // @birdman_bmd


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