How to Decorate your white wall?

bedroom-inspiration-highly-regarded-white-bedding-ideas-with-white-covering-quilt-bed-sheet-as-well-as-black-portrait-frames-hang-on-white-wall-painted-bedroom-wall-decors-designs-elegant-white-beddiContribution by Sabina Kondakji : Don’t we all get bored from these empty walls in our bedroom? It is the time to spice your rooms a little bit with some creative and simple ideas.One of the best parts about moving DIY-ing is the fact that you get to transform your space all your own. Think of your blank walls as a canvas that you can fill with anything you like.Don’t just limit yourself to picture frames:There are plenty of ways to infuse your walls with warmth, personality and life.Check out the following ideas:

1) Old Plates :If you have a collection of old plates, don’t tuck them away, hang them on your wall. Don’t let them look boring, just try to draw on them some funny creative stuff. Or you can buy plates that come in a variety of colors and textures. It will help to give your guests something interesting to look at. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter.blog4

2)Mirrors : Not only does decorating with mirrors create a dramatic statement, but it also helps reflect natural light throughout your space to make it appear larger. Buy mirrors in different shapes and sizes and go creative. It depends on you and how you want to place them.

blog53)Frames :  As I told you previously, frames may look boring. Thats why you need to change the way you hang up your frames. I found two different creative ways. For the first, you can print free printable quotes and some tumblr stuff you love. Or maybe some motivational quotes that would be a great idea. You can adapt the Black & White theme or colorful theme.

blog 1
Second way is hanging up your favorite family pics like a clock . It’s new and different. I’m your guest will love it.

4) Wall Texts:  If you know you’re someone who likes to frequently switch up the design of your place, you’ll want to opt for wall decor that can easily be swapped out for something else.Wall decals are perfect for this. Choose from a wide variety of designs and colors to fit your style and put them anywhere in your apartment, from the bathroom to the kitchen.
bog65)Floating Wall Shelves : Use floating wall shelves or bookcases to add vertical appeal to your walls. Not only do floating shelves add visual interest, they also provide extra storage space, which is always at a premium. You can use floating wall shelves for books, of course, but they’re also a great place to keep your colorful glassware or favorite candlesticks.unique-shelves_6So these are the easiest ways to spice up your white walls in your house. Hope you are enjoying my post…. Stay tuned for more



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