Geogres Hobeika Haute Couture Fw16: 5 O’clock Tea

  When I think of Georges Hobeika, the first thing that comes to my mind is delicate, feminine and refined dresses. For his Fall/Winter 2016 couture collection, he got inspired by the Five o’clock Tea: The delicacy of manners, the aristocratic gastronomy and the traditions of the elite “Cafe Society”. Kind of weird for such an inspiration, through it was magical spectacular show. Vaporous and elegant silhouettes on which sumptuous and decorative motifs of porcelain art stand out in bold relief. The floral motif was involved in most of the dresses. Hobeika insisted on adapting defined waist through the whole collection. Definitely the balls dresses made their presence in this show including off-shoulders cuts and ombre effects. And the masterpiece in my opinion was The Bride. Just blooming pastel flowers all over the dress with V cut on the chest continued with mousseline long sleeves.1-636x954 2-1200x1800 4-1200x1800 7-1200x1800 13-1200x1800 19-1200x1800 23-1200x1800 29-1200x1800 30-1200x1800 48-1200x1800


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