Dior Haute couture FW16 : Simplicity & Luxury


The garden of earthly delights: a vision of innocence and experience, simplicity and luxury, beauty and decadence through the eyes Raf Simons, Artistic Director of Christian Dior. Raf Simons scores a perfect ten for his brilliant, beautiful, and oftentimes breathtaking fall 2015 couture collection. He got inspired by the Flemish Masters and their approach to painting.A collection was highlighting how the architecture and inspiration of one era is based on another; from the late Gothic period, via the Renaissance and the Baroque to the more recent masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, each is featured in this broad sweep of history.

Here, the Flemish and the French influences come together in the dramatic gestures of drapery and the concentration on historical sleeves, to the Impressionist and Pointillist application of pattern. The historical impact is pulled back into reality and this is what makes something modern. So there were, in the cape-like coats with single fur sleeves and pleated linings, some worn atop and not underneath, hints of the Flemish school of painting that has fascinated him for decades, and spoke to his own Antwerpian roots. There were draped cowl tweed collars that touched on his eternal interest in mid-century design flourishes. Meanwhile, the glittered up platform sandals screamed club kid. And Simons drew on the late-nineteenth-century art technique of Pointillism, turning print, embroidery, hand-painting techniques, and plumes into gently pastel-toned floral patterns which revealed their origins the closer you got to them.He was taking a dense canvas into the lightest of clothes, contrasting angelic, virginal embroidered white silk chiffon gowns with looks that spoke much more of the pleasures of the flesh, namely a series of embroidered and printed dresses, provocatively revealing an expanse of naked skin.



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