Elie Saab Haute Couture FW16: Golden Hues

tumblr_nr8n5m69081sfy3b9o1_500The Nirvana classic “Come as You Are” sound tracked Elie Saab show: an enchanted fairytale rose garden. Elie Saab’s collection this year features dazzling, delicate gowns encased in his signature embroidery, mostly diaphanous dresses embroidered in varying degrees with beads, sequins. This time around he worked mostly in shades of gold, inspired, as his notes explained, by his early work in the 1990s. His wife walked down the aisle in a golden wedding gown of Saab’s creation 25 years ago this July 4. Beyond the flattering golden hues we saw white and rose gold mixed with petrol blue, and also rich burgundy and opalescent pink. The collection was a mix of ultra-feminine silhouettes.The models topped with tiaras and laurel leaf crownsEmpire lines are followed by full skirts topped with slim belts, these again giving way to gilded trousers paired with flowing overcoats. The delicate whisper of crepe de chine, chiffon and silk tulle paired with lace, floral beading and mink details evoke the grandeur of the Byzantine era. The models were topped with tiaras and laurel leaf crowns. What distinguished this Saab collection from other ones was the new style embroidery. Saab made a big change. Velvet  high or low sandals were paired with the dresses. The floral motif made an appearance on black silk dresses. As we all get used that Elie Saab’s bride is always special: This time, as grand finale to the show Saab presents an awe-inspiring golden wedding gown perfectly embroidered. Like who would ever say ? A gold bride! Personally, I would dare to wear. Simply astonishing._A2X0025 _A2X0072 _A2X0134 _A2X0207 _A2X0232 _A2X0251 _A2X0275 _A2X0324 Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+Details+84IyqWZ_Raul _A2X0344 _A2X0392 _A2X0424 _A2X0475 _A2X0493 _A2X0516 _A2X0569 _A2X0602 _A2X0655 Elie+Saab+Fall+2015+Details+RY_NXY-fH1Vl _A2X0759 _A2X0836 _A2X0955 _A2X1224 _A2X1346 _A2X1249 _A2X1447


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