Fashion et Passion Turns 1

Happy birthday Fashion Et Passion!! One year ago, I decided to launch my own personal blog and posted my first post. Why did I start my blog? 3 years ago , I discovered  what does a  beauty youtuber mean. Bethany Mota was the first beauty youtuber I followed. I’ve always been into fashion and beauty stuff and I really liked the concept. And I said why not? But the problem was that in Lebanon, a beauty youtuber  wasn’t really popular. Coincidentally, I found on Instagram an account called Playingwithfashion , a blog created by Maya Shokor. Yes, It was the first Lebanese fashion blog I knew. At this moment, I knew what a blog means. And I found out that it is similar to YouTube but the only difference is instead of posting videos, you posts article with pics. So, I started following the blog and reading all the posts. Then, I discovered more Lebanese blogs and I noticed that each blogger created an identity to her blog to make it differs from the others. After one year of discovering, observing and thinking, I decided to start preparing to launch my own blog. I won’t lie, I hesitated a little bit. I was afraid of negative feedbacks . But I asked Farah from BlondeDusk and she gave me some advices that I took advantage from : she was encouraging me. I started working and planning. Before everything, I wanted to choose a name for my blog. Farah advised me to choose something catchy and easy to remember. So, I thought of something that rhythms. The first word that popped into my mind after fashion was “ Passion”.  And I said fashion is a passion for me ,  so let it be : fashion To Passion. Unfortunately, it was taken so I turned it to FashionEtPassion. First step done. Next Step was to pick the categories. I wanted my blog to talk about everything as much as I can. However, the main message that I wanted to share was: The key to look Stylish isn’t to wear expensive clothes. Money doesn’t buy the style. From nothing you can create an outstanding outfit.  I also wanted to prove that you don’t need a model’s body to look stylish and trendy. You can wear all the trends and feel comfy but it’s the way you wear them that matters. It doesn’t mean that if you are curvy you need to always sweatpants and wide shirts. In addition, in all my style posts , I always search  for something helpful for my readers. I don’t want to show you what clothes I own.  I want to give you outfit ideas that you can recreate.  I seriously cant wait my blog grow more and more. And I hope you are enjoying this ride with me. Special thanks to all  my followers & readers . As well as for Rita Ziade, Sabina kondakji, Maria Nassar, for collaborating with me. Stay tuned for more and more . Love you xoxo.


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