Review : Master Precise Eyeliner 

This a review about another Maybelline product I purchased lately: “Master Precise” Eyeliner.  I’m trying to test all the Maybelline prodcuts haha. Finding the perfect eyeliner is hard . And we cant deny how much we love this winged eyeliner look? So, you definitely need a perfect eyeliner, worth our money,to rock this look as well as lots of practice. Actually there are different kinds of eyeliner: as a first step you need to pick to right type. According to me, I find that ” the felt tip liner ” is the easiest to apply. It looks like a marker and you are drawing with on your face.This first thing I love about this eyeliner. Second, the application is really easy: you are allowed to draw thin or thick lines but its not so pigmented and dries before you end up your look.  So you need to redraw the line again to get that bold black eyeliner. For the tip, its not so hard neither so flexible: Very convenient. The best part about this eyeliner is:It’s  long lasting. I used this eyeliner for a wedding makeup: And it lasts the whole day.It stays like for 12 hours approx. All over, I think it is a good eyeliner for practicing the winged eyeliner look. The only thing I disliked is that it is not so pigmented.


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