Favorites of July 2015

149Hello August , Bye Bye July! Summer really needs to slow down. Anyway since July is over, I decided to post my favorites for this month. I know it’s a little bit late due to some technical problems. Lately, I have been crushing over beauty products, makeup , food and clothes stuff. July included Ramdan , night outs, engagement, concert and visits. Enough events to test some products and give a small review about them and to let you know how much I enjoyed using them1) Favorite Makeup : Since summer started and I am obsessed with rose gold, gold and brown eyeshadows. And I have been using these palettes none stop : They have beautiful neutral pigmented colors and I can get easily to most natural summer makeup look. So I highly recommend them either for day or night looks. Now for my favorite lipstick and it is the Matte 04  from Maybelline. I have to admit that I got out of my comfort zone : I am more into pink lipsticks than red- orangy ones. But I was courageous enough to try it out and I loveeee it. So it so cool for summer time .1182) Favorite Body products: Let’s talk first about this Dove body lotion. Don’t we all search for something cheap and good ? Yes , we do. I bought this lotion for less than 5$ ( I cant remember the exact price) : It was so moisturizing and good for all skin types. Actually, my knees and my elbows get dry and look awful specially in the summer since I wear skirts and sleeveless shirts. And this product kept my skin moisturized all day long. Another thing I loved about it is the SMELL. I am addicted to vanilla and cocoa smell . It is soooo good. Talking about smell, I have been using this body shower gel from Palmolive in July. And the reason is the smell: soo refreshing for the summer time. It smells like exotic/passion fruit  juice and you feel like you want to drink it. Now for this Garnier Hair Serum that I have been testing in July : Well it says that it repairs your broken hair and fix it. For me it doesnt , but what I loved about it is that it softens my hair tips and gives it a nice smell.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset3) Favorite Nailpolishes: If you follow me on snapchat, you can see how much I am obsessed with pink shades of nailpolishes. It is so rare to see me wearing other than pink. Actually, it was so hard to pick only three favorite nailpolishes for this post. But to be honest these are the best ones.Essie’s nailpolishes are the best when it comes for the quality and the colors: Since spring started and I can’t stop wearing these two babies. the left one is the perfect shade of fushia with a hint of shimmer which I really like it and the right one is a dark shade of lilac . Now for the Akira nailpolish : it is so affordable and also this shade is perfect and goes with everything , like it’s between white and pastel light babypowder pink. So nice.
1174)  Favorite Food : Since July included Ramadan and I was eating a lot on iftar , I was trying to keep it light on Suhoor . So most of the time , I used to this Dark Chocolate Unice and Have my favorite Peach Lipton Ice Tea to refresh me .
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
5) Favorite Clothes:  My favorite item in my closet for this month was my Zara crop flowy top. I purchased this top in june and I cant stop wearing it . The reason simply is that it goes with everything : I wore it for a wedding, a concert or even for shopping time. So it could be worn in a casual or classic way. And since it is black , you don’t have to worry about the Matching problem.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

6) Favorite Songs: I couldnt make a monthly favorites without including my favorites songs since I listen to music EVERYWHERE.

The Script :First of all, I have been listening a lot to the Script lately since I watched them Live in Byblos and I cant get over how perfect the concert was. Ps: they are one of my fav bands. My favorite songs are ( which is definitely hard to choose) : break even, man on wire, never seen anything quite like you tonight, Before the worst.

Frero Delavega:  Two french boys that sing/ play guitar together like a duo if we can say. I recently got to know them. I dont usually listen to french songs but I like their style alot . My Favorite Songs are: sweet darling, mon petit pays, chant des sirenes.

Saad Lamajjared :  if you are arab then you should know him. He is a Moroccan singer. His famous song is called ; M3allem and you can hear it almost everywhere. It is a very nice funny song. I also love : Enty Baghya Wahed.

Not to mention that Wael Kfoury and Kazem El Saher ‘s songs are my forever favorites.


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