The DIY-ed Outfit 

Summer is officially over.  Today was my last first day of school. Yes this my last year of school, last year of waking early at 6, last year of attending classes, last year of studying useless subjects. I have to admit that I am living a situation of mixed emotions: I pretty excited for my senior year and to be finally 18 and legal, but really sad because I will definitely miss my friends and our funny hilarious moments in class.  On one hand, you cannot imagine how much I am confused about choosing my major and on another hand I’m pretty stressed because I have an official exam (which means a lot of studying ugh). Now enough talking about my school let’s jump into today’s post which is actually the last summer outfit.

Welcome to a new series on the blog: Different ways to use your old dad’s shirt.  As you may know that I am obsessed with my dad’s shirts. And I saw many DIYs on Pinterest on how reusing them in an original unique way.  Today I will show how to make a shirt dress out of two shirts. Shirt dresses are so trendy. Also they are very easy to style and super comfy. I want to thank God because I have mother which makes the work a lot easier. In fact, all you have to do is to cut first shirt for your upper body and then second shirt for your lower body. I chose white and blue shirts. But you can pick any color you want or what color you have.  Then you need to sew both parts together. Voila!! I wore with this shirt dress are pair of gladiators sandals , Turban and a clutch that I also DIY-ed them. And a couple of bracelets wont hurt anyone.      

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




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