Chloe RTW SS16: Stay true , Stay what you are

Backstage at Chloé Spring 2016Starting my review posts with one of my favorite quote from the Paris Fashion Week and it is from the Chloe Show: Stay true, Stay what you are. Nowadays, this sentence is much needed to empower all those insecure women, to push them forward, to make them believe in themselves. Especially in the society we live in, where women are supposed to put tons and tons of makeup to look different and starve themselves to have this super skinny (unhealthy) women. This society ruined the real image of a woman:  A woman with natural hair, bare or minimalist face and CURVES.Being beautiful is being you: Don’t be fake to satisfy others.When we talk about women empowerment, we talk about optimism, hope and positive vibes. Fashion is an industry of optimists, isn’t it? It is always projecting a positive outlook. Clare Waight Keller espoused “optimism” as her spring point of view backstage before the Chloé show. Her numbers are up and she put on one of the happiest collections of the season, fueled by the power of the rainbow.

“ This season’s collection is a tribute to girls named Kate, Chloé, Cecilia, Corinne, Rosemary, Emma, and Courtney, who embody the liberty and the elegance of a perfectly mastered and excessively lived simplicity:”

A large chunk of the collection used rainbow stripes appearing down the side of white silk jersey track pants; on off-the-shoulder dress; and in the soft, vertical georgette pleats that were gathered and suspended from drawstrings on a sweeping tank dress and balloon pants with multicolored braided strings and tassels. She portrays youthful optimism with exquisite fabrics and craft. The collection was based on the carefree attitude. Waight Keller called her girls “individualists,” which seemed to be her way of describing a pointed casualization of Chloé’s look.  And the collection is nothing without the label’s  bohemian/ hippie signature desgins :: Here updated in genie pants with maximalist bohemian appeal, was cut with stonewashed denim and retro tracksuits.The surprise of the show was the presence of sporty more athletic stuff for everyday casual. “A piece can seem quite normal but actually is incredibly beautiful,” Waight Keller said.

KIM_0189 KIM_0411 KIM_0421 KIM_0485 KIM_0535 KIM_0714 KIM_0717


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