Black-white arm wrestling

“We are not born racist, we were taught to be racist” . Unfortunately, we   live in society based on judging by appearances and never accepting each other for who we are. We live in a society that will never stop being racist, that will never stop putting label: You are black , You are  white,  You are muslim and the list goes on. Labels labels labels. These labels make us feel that we are different when we’re not . However We are all humans :  We all feel, breath ,laugh ,cry ,work hard, have fun etc . We are all on the same level. When we were born, we didn’t choose our religion , name , color or nationality, So who are you to judge on these? Racism is one of the world’s major issues today. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in our schools
The main reason why I am talking about this subject is: Once, I was talking to my friends and asking them if there is a problem with marrying someone “ Black” . Actually I don’t really using this word but anyway. The answers which I heard shocked me. They said: “Of course no because it feels like I am walking with a maid beside me” “Isn’t disgusting to hold a black baby after give birth”  “Why should I take someone black?”  etc. And I have to admit that I failed to erase this racist spirit they had.  Black people aren’t less value than us only because they were abused in the past. Did someone ever think what would  we be if white were abused by black people?  It is not their fault if they were born in poor countries or they were always treated like slaves. However, it is our fault, us educated cultivated people, to still treat them in this horrible way.  Seriously we MUST get over it: We are all equal and labels don’t define us. Our manners, personality and acts are what define us. We are in 21st century and we really need to get over this discrimination. So that’s it. I just felt how important is to pass this message on my blog maybe I can effect on some of you and make them respect all humans regardless their religions, race or nationality.




  1. The sad truth. We should all be treated equally, instead of people being influenced by someone’s circumstance- they need to see the persons true soul. I find it so ironic how the majority of people seem to love the colour black, for example black for clothing- for accessories- for furniture, and so on, yet for people they treat them in such a disgusting manner. I hope there will be peace and equality for all 😦 Maya X

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