School Girl

2015-12-06 07.57.24 1-1.jpg

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted an outfit here on the blog.Honestly, I have been extremely busy with school and exams so I had no time for shooting new outfits. However, I am back with my first fall on the FashionEtPassion. In today’s outfit, I am showing you one of my favorite style (preppy school style ) and one of my favorite winter color combination( Burgundy and olive green). Personally, I think that in winter time , you can never go wrong with layering: so trendy , chic and easy to style.Here, I wore  a white shirt underneath my olive green knit sweater. Threw on a wool jacket.,To break a little bit the casual effect, I wore a skater skirt instead of pants or jeans. To create a beautiful contrast I wore my burgundy pointy pumps. Now the outfit looks more feminine. Dont forget to swirl like a princess?2015-12-06 07.57.22 1-12015-12-06 07.57.26 1-1.jpg2015-12-06 07.57.27 1-1.jpg2015-12-06 07.57.30 1.jpg2015-12-06 07.57.28 1-1.jpg2015-12-06 07.57.29 1-1.jpg


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