DIY Last Minute Gifts

largeIts Christmass Time!! Can you feel how much I am excited ? Thursday was the last day of exams and the Christmas vacation is on its way. YAYY . Finally some free time to work on da blog. So stay tuned for super exciting posts. Now moving on to todays post : Last minute DIY gifts. I know we are busy preparing for Christmas : from the lunch, decoration , clothes to gifts shopping. And since the Christmas’ traffic , here in Lebanon, is unbearable, we never have time to finish everything. And we suddenly find out that it is Christmas eve and we havent bought the gits yet. Guys, I got your cover. Jump to the your neirest One Dollar Shop and buy few supplies to make one these creative , quick , easy and inexpensive gifts to your friends, famiy or if you are a secret santa.

1. 52 things I love about you :

This could be a great idea for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Get card then pinch them on the corner to make it like a notebook. Then write on each card one thing you love about this person.

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2. Pampering Jar :

if your friend is a makeup  junkie then this gift would suits her. Get a mason jar and fill it with makeup, nailpolishes and nail care kit , fake  lashes and body lotion and maybe a small perfume. 77fe89a969ade08fe13c0072418195f7

3. Emergency Box :

I would die to get this gift. Soo cuteee. All you need is a frame fill it with chocolate then write on it : 32218b6414aaa092e3ce39bbae69a923

4. Movie Night Bowl:

This would be an insane gift for a movie lover ( ha like my brother). Get a bowl fill it with popcorn, yummi stuff, beer and of course movies. 910f3539d430270cb0c43c58b9665138

5. Watercolor coffee mug :

Instead of buying these cliche coffee mugs , recreate this original idea. All you need is white plain mug and nail polishes and you can create a watercolor mug with any color you want. 3caa64406ca4ac0525b9720a55275599.jpg


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