Merry Christmas

We all know that Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of the year. It’s when all the family is reunited and we are busy getting presents, preparing for dinner and decorating. And definitely the main reason of this happiness is the birth of Jesus Christ. If you don’t know already, I am Muslim but my mother is Christian. And yes we do celebrate Christmas not only because it is celebration relative to my mom’s religion. In fact, I was raised by open minded parents who taught me to believe in all religions and respect them. Honestly I believe and pray for Jesus  as much as I do for Prophet Muhammed . Speaking of it, this year was so special because the birth of the prophet was one day before Christmas (the birth of Jesus) : Maybe the world can understand how close we are and that both religions got the same message which is LOVE & PEACE. So in this beautiful occasion, I would love to wish you a Merry Christmas and may god bless all our families. And I hope you spend a night full of joy and happiness with your beloved ones. Also be thankful and grateful for what you have. Now let’s talk about fashion a little bit. I have to admit that this is my favorite photoshoot!! I love it and special thanks to Maria Nassar for being the best photographer and wait for her in a new style post. For Christmas outfit, I picked a white tutu skirt with a red sweater of course DAH and my favorite pointy nude heels . To complete the outfit , I did this Gold Glittery clutch( soo simple) and Tadaaaa. Enjoy the pictures.



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