DIY New Year Decoration

ideas-wonderful-new-years-eve-party-decorations-ideas-new-yearsContribution by Sabina Kondakji: Christmas plans are almost over, now it is the time to plan for New year’s eve. I don’t know if you are like me because I always prefer spending this night at home with my friends. I think it is safer nowadays. So if you are planning on throwing a party at your place then you gotta check these easy DIY  New year’s decoration. One thing you should know is : You gotta fill your house with a lot of gold, glitter, sparkles and confetti .

1) Confetti Balloons:

Fill your balloons with confetti and at 12:00 AM pop all the balloons. Idk I find this cool !


2) 2016* bottles:

Get all the wine bottles that you have drunk in Christmas , Spray them with gold spray. Cut ” 2016″ and add them in the bottles.Actually, this could be perfect as a centerpiece for your table.


3) Champagne cups:

Get a gold sharpie and write on your champagne cups to spice them up a little bit.


4) Gold Pom Poms:

Do you have a white plain wall ? Hang on it gold and metallic pom poms. And if you are wondering how to do a pom pom  then check this out .metallic-gold-and-silver-pom-pom-balls

5)  2016 Balloons: 

This is the most cliche idea ! get those 2016 ballons and hang them on your wall. il_570xN.866343708_8ovq

And that’s it !! Happy New year guys and enjoy your night.


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