Top Beauty Favorites for 2015

One of my 2015 resolutions was to buy more makeup . And that’s what happened excatly . In this year, I bought and experimented many beauty products.So I picked my top 10 favorite beauty products for this year that  I fell in love with. Honestly, I used them all year long ,non -stop. And when I say non-stop I mean it.       

  1. BB cream by Maybelline: The hardest thing in life is to find a light foundation with high coverage . Unfortunately ,  you don’t have a choice : You should  look like a cake to cover all your blemishes. But not anymore, I just found the perfect product: BB Cream by Maybelline. Super light , covers your blemishes and even you dark circles ( Sometimes I use it as a concealer haaa!) and got SPF. I dont think there something more perfect than this .
  2. 24 hr Stay Super by Maybelline: This is the best powder everrrr. For a perfect base, you gotta find the perfect foundation and the perfect powder. Here it is. It gives you flawless coverage ,sets any oiliness and has SPF.
  3. Clinique Bronzer :  I am truly madly deeply in love with this bronzer. Perfect shade of brown, perfect amount of shimmer , Blend easily. Enough said.
  4. Maybelline Eyeshadows:  Maybe you got bored from this palette because seriously I talked about it more than once on my blog. But I had to do it one more time: Best neutral shades for an everyday look and super pigmented. Moving on to this eyeshadow that I tried and it is : My first “Color tattoo” cream eyeshadow ever. I am pretty sure you can call it love at the first sight. AHH!! It is super pigmented and stays on all day. Highly recommended. 
  5. Master Precise Eyeliner:  The eyeliner that won my heart. Actually, I did a full detailed review about it check it out.
  6. The Colossal Mascara:  I am a big fan of Maybelline Mascaras and I refuse to try another ones. This one must be the best mascara I have ever used.
  7. Cover Stick Concealer:  The most important makeup product for me is Concealer. I would never go out  without my concealer. And this cover stick is like a magic stick seriously talking. Abra Cadabraa and my dark circles disappeared. Tadaaaa you don’t look anymore like a Zombie.
  8.  Iced Caramel & Baby lips:   First nude lipstick to try out and fell in love with. Well at least it gives me that Kylie Jenner feels.Now I introduce you to my winter bestfriend: Baby Lips. We all agree that Baby lips are the best lipbalms ever and if you don’t then your argument is unvalid.

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