More Happiness in 2016

  Happy New Year Guys!!! I Hope you all had a great night yesterday. And I wish that 2016 will be better full of joy, happiness,health and success. I don’t know if you are like me but I always like to plans , resolutions or goals for the next year: it is a ways to motivate me to work hard to achieve these goals. The first resolution I wrote was : ” Be more Happy and Positive in 2016″ . Yes you should to be happy because Happpiness is a state of mind. We should spread happiness like confetti. I know that we all have problems and ups and downs in life. I know that nobody has and will never have  this PERFECT life. However you can still stay positive though everything. How?  you will find out ” How ?” in this post .

10 things I do to be happy :

  1. Sleep early and wake up early: Trust me when you get enough of sleep you will feel better and you wont be annoyed when you wake up. Also, I love to wake up early so I can drink my coffee quietly and listen to Fairuz (of course DAHHH!!) If you start your day in a hurry , you will stay negative all day. So set your alarm at least 20 minutes earlier. 
  2. Eat Healthy Food:  Now about this step , I still haven’t manage to do it. You know it is hard to stay healthy with all these temptations, specially in holidays. Hopefully, when the left overs are done, I will start to eat healthy food and get in shape. One important thing you should know: Being skinny was and will never be my goal. I seek for a cuvy fit healthy body , Thats what I find attractive . 
  3. Stay close to your love ones:  Yes, stay with the people you love and they love you back. It makes you feel safer. You feel that there is someone’s shoulder to lay on, someone to pick you up when you are down, someone to push you forward and motivate you. All of these things will definitely bring you happiness.
  4. Positivism all the way:  Be like a proton , always positive ( don’t blame me, I am a GS student). Stay away from negative people. Connect more with positive, hopeful and optimistic ones. Solve all problems with a smile and take it easy. 
  5. Faith Faith Faith:   This advice is taken from a personal experience. For the past few years, I stopped praying and believing. The consequence, I became such a nervous and negative person. Always sad and depressed. Trust me, staying close to GOD is the only way to happiness.Be thankful and blessed to everything you have. 
  6. Do what you love :   You can’t even imagine how relaxed I become when I draw or write on the blog.Each one of us definitely has talent or interest  in something but sometimes you don’t see it . So find your passion and let it be your escape when you are sad. 
  7. Meditation :  Starting from Monday, I will start meditating. Some researches have found that meditation literally clears your mind and calms you down, it’s been often proven to be the single most effective way to live a happier life. Once the stress is relieved , you are happy. 
  8. Don’t Waste Time:  Yes be active!! Don’t spend your weekend in bed , just checking your phone. Get up , stretch and wear a stylish outfit. Go out for a walk in the city , drink coffee with your friends,  visit a historical city, get your work done etc. 
  9. Change your look :  This is a way to change your mood if you are upset or you had a tough experience. Psychologically talking, it helps to forget everything you lived before. It is like you are opening a new page  in your life. So go and get a haircut, dye your hair  in a crazy color, wear funky glasses etc. 
  10. Help and give back:  Making others happy will make you happy. Nothing is better than donating for a charity and you know this amount of money will somehow save someone’s life. Nothing is better than giving a poor family your old clothes and blankets and you know they won’t feel the cold anymore. Nothing is better than feeding a hungry homeless kid etc. So always make sure you are giving back. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I wish it helps to be happier.

A la prochaine!!



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