Nail care routine + Tips for healthy nails

nailContribution by NailArtByNour:  We all know how much we aim to get long and healthy nails. And most important they don’t break easily because a broken nail can ruin a girl’s day, trust me.  ( even more than a heartbreak lol) . That’s why I will show you in this post my nail care routine and some tips and trick that will prevent having unhealthy nails.

Step 1: first of all, if you have square nails , draw the nail’s shape you want for your nails. Then cut the corners and adjust them with a nail fire

Step 2:  I use two products for my nail care, they are called:

🌿 Herbatherapy 🌿:

It is an oil that nourishes the nail and provides the necessary vitamins to promote nail growth. Moreover, it provides the nails with much needed flexibility so they can withstand blows without breaking.

💅 Rejuvacote 💅

It is a base coat that dramatically strengthens your nails and also helps with nail growth. My favorite base coat, it is like magic I swear!

👉 I do not know where it is found in which locations, stores or pharmacies. So, if you’d like to ask any questions please tag @durimiddleeast or go to their page and contact them. 

l 553

5 tips for better nails

1) File your nails once per week

2) Water is enemy. Nails absorb water more than you imagine and that’s make them break. SO wear gloves when you are working with water

3) If you don’t to wear gloves then apply transparent nail polish on your nails. Wearing nail polish constantly helps your nails grow because they are a water barrier and because they can absorb a little bit of shock when you bump them

4) Be careful when you are washing your hair.  Don’t rub it with you nails!!

5) Moisturize your hands twice per day minimum. It is good for your nails as well.

I hope this post helps you and Thank you for reading!!

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