Be Free

2015-12-06 07.57.34 1-1

From the day I found myself passionate about fashion, I decided to learn more about this wide world. First of all,  I wanted to improve my fashion culture. So I read many fashion magazines. I knew about the most famous designers, the big fashion houses and the fashion rules. It is true that we should stick as possible as we can to these rules. However, sometimes you feel like you want get rid of all these rules and create your OWN ones. Who said it is wrong to break some fashion rules? Who said you are not free to wear what you like ? Well, that’s what I did. Stripes are one of my favorite prints. And we all know the “Oh-so-famous” fashion rule: Don’t wear horizontal stripes because it will make you thicker.  So What?  I don’t care!! I just want to wear what I like which this shirt. I paired it with a pair of culottes and black moccasins.

2015-12-06 07.57.33 1-12015-12-06 07.57.35 1-12015-12-06 07.57.39 1-12015-12-06 07.57.37 1-12015-12-06 07.57.41 1-12015-12-06 07.57.38 1-12015-12-06 07.57.43 1-12015-12-06 07.57.47 1-1


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